Thursday, 27 October 2011

Idea's of using old things

This is the finished piece i made a heart hanging for my daughter.
First i took a football shirt (that my youngest was througing away) and then i thought ooo i can do a heart with the england badge, so i made a paper heart template then took the shirt and pined the heart to it,
then cut out after this i hand stiched all around it leaving a small hole turned out then stuffed. know i had no stuffing and thought what could i use i saw a few teddys in my office and relised i had a few in the loft that were not doing anything so i got hubbie to get them and cut the bottoms open to get to stuffing LOL

and once stuffed i stitched up last bit and here is a heart. its not great as its close to the coller. Hope you like it .

Thanks for stoping by Nicky xxx

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