Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Christmas star

A christmas star, this was also made in class on monday its a star made from metal coat hangers and plastic bags.
You take a metal hanger and cut 3 lengths all same about 11cm you can do bigger if you wish,
Lay them on top of each other to make a star then tape together in middle, Then get your bags flaten and cut strips, you want about 24 @ 2cm wide then 6 @ 1.5cm wide and last 6 @ 1cm wide.
Starting with the 2cm piece of plastic,  you start to concertina the plastic over the point and contune to do this all around until all bits are used, when star is full of all sizes take pliers and bend over the ends to close. you can trim plastic to make a more star like shape add ribbon as a hanger and your done you can if you want put it in between grease proof paper and using a very hot iron melt the plastic to make a flat star.
I hope you all like this and have fun i loved doing this as i call mine a shabbie chic flower LOL
when done you can add spray glitter ect like Crafters Compainon sell.

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Im just me - Marleen said...

an unusual idea, but love it xx

Dawn said...

Very unusual!
Dawn xx