Sunday, 3 June 2012

In your memory

Hi to all my followers, as a lot of you know I lost my best friend 
Cath Cook 
5 weeks ago and we had the funeral on Thursday,
after 9 years of fighting she let go, leaving a great partner and 3 amazing children 2 boys Jamie and Jack and 1 girl and  Kay has been an amazing tower of strength for the boys and the rest of the family, her mum will be so proud of all shes done. and her sons have been great also as there birthday was a week before the funeral.
I am adding some pics in her memory.
 These are some of the flowers from family and friend.
This heart is from my family.
This is her baby now 18 not a baby anymore.

This is her eldest 2.
This is Cath on her 40th birthday only 4 years ago
She will be missed so much  by so many.
We love you so much
 A small memory box
 her son's cards
 The large memory box for her daughter.



PinkyLisasInkyCrafts said...

You are a fantastic friend and she will be proud of how you have pulled people through this hard time.
I am glad you are back as I have selfishly missed you and cant wait to see your crafting projects again.
Love you and always will.
Lisa xxxxx

Linda Simpson said...

A lovely post. I am sure your friend Kath will forever be in your hearts and thank you for sharing at such a difficult time for you and her family and friends.

Sending you lots of love and crafty hugs.
Linda xxx

Lindsay Craftymonster81 said...

I am so sorry for your loss sweetie, I am sure your support will have helped the family. It's nice to see you back in blogland, take care, will be thinking of you
Lindsay xx

sparklingblackrose said...

Aww bless you all, thinking of you and hoping getting back into blogging help ease the pain. I lost a good friend last year so I have a bit of insight :-( *big cuddles* Elaine-xxx-

Unknown said...

What a lovely tribute to your dear friend and family , sending hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Lesley Hawkins said...

Hi Nicky it is wonderful to see you back with us once again and I too look forward to seeing your creations.
My father passed away a while back and even now he is still a part of my 'lifebook'. As people pass through my life be it friends and of course family, they all leave their impressions on my memory and my heart, and even when we have finished one chapter in our book, our friends and family members will always be a part of our story. xxxx