Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Book mark & holder

 Hi all my lovely friends i have done a little book mark holder for you today,

Using  a 12x12  cut 2 bits 11cm wider the length of the 12x12,
Then stick the white sides together.
Now make 2 pockets 9.5cm by 5cm,
 Then put 2 lots of double sided pads on each other as in pic,
Now make 4 book markers 6.5cm by 9cm
Add a hole at top add ribbon, you can use decorative edges if you wish,
ribbon is 15cm long,
 decorate as you wish, 
Now score the first bit at 10 and 20.5cm
now add pockets to the 2 sides leaving middle blank,
 Now you can decorate middle as you wish do front when all done,

Now have ribbon 50cm long ad tape to frount and back but leave other pocket
folded so ribbon meets to tie,
decorate as you wish.
This can be made bigger if you want.
Thanks for popping over hope you have fun.
Love and Hugs


Zoe said...

An fab Hun, love it xxx

Danie May said...

A beautiful project Nicky! xx

sam said...

absolutely beautiful i love it xx

lyn clark said...

stunning I love this idea and thank you for the tutorial xx

Linda said...

Stunning project and thank you for sharing.

Linda xxx