Thursday, 18 October 2012

Shabbie chic flower

 After seeing some of the great flowers people make i found this 
amazing lady on you tube this is a link to her videos 
She is a wounderful lady i meet her at the weekend.
. She made this flower and it was so easy to 
follow i have done a step by step for you but if you go to Fi's videos
she shows you.

 I am bad at circles so i drew around a plastic beaker
on ti card then on the cotton and cut them all out,

 then i folded in half then half again then again making 3 folds

 Then cut an arch from left to right
to make a petal don't worry if its not perfect as you can snip 
 in between.

 Then useing a lighter or gas flame lighter use lightly 
to curl as you can see its ok if the singe 

 When you have done them all glue together and add a flower 
in center and a feather or 2
 Then a piece of card for bottom. 
I then made a stick pin witch is also on fi's videos.

This is the fished one i am so happy with it.
And enjoyed playing.
Thanks for stopping by 
Love and hugs 


Unknown said...

Nicky this is gorgeous..x x x

Dawn said...

Fab flower! Thanks for sharing!
D xx

Unknown said...

i have to say thats bloody amazing nic, i loves it x

Linda Simpson said...

WOW Nicky this flower is just awesome. Thank you for sharing.

Linda xxx

pauline said...

lovely ,thats very similar to how i did mine but i had to do small circles and a big one and put together and cut in 3 separate parts

jane stillman said...

Wow! that's stunning, well done x

Kate M said...

This is fabulous, thanks for sharing - the step by step was really informative - and inspiring - I must have a go!

Cookie said...

wow this is fabulous , it looks amazing, love it and thank you for sharing xxx

Kathryn said...

Fabby tut xxxx