Monday, 26 November 2012

green mash up

 The top is a tag for yesterdays challenge on crafting group 
All i could find was a van in my .crafty-emblies
stash and today is my 
step grandsons 8th birthday so i put a stash of crafty bits for him 
and a little not book to put his ideas in
And as he loves green i done both in green.
Thank you all for your 
wonderful comments
Love and Hugs 
ps: sorry did not mean to do box twice lol
xxxxxxxxxxx .


Caroline said...

Love them they are fabulous. Caroline xxx

Gwyneth said...

What a lovely idea to put together a crafty bits and a little note book for your step grandson. Everything looks great.

sam said...

Absolutely fab xx

Kate M said...

These are lovely!

jane stillman said...

fabulous tag, and I'm sure your step grandson will love the little notebook and crafty bits x

Doreen said...

Gorgeous projects

ddazzled71 said...

Great Projects Nicky and such a wonderful and gift to inspire your step grandson's imagination. xx

Vee Cassidy said...

lovely projects, Nicky. Vee xx

Unknown said...

Lovely - i love the kraft paper