Thursday, 27 September 2012

Trying new things

 Hi my loveys i have been trying a few new things.
Hear is a ribbon wreath i used a bit of bendy wire 
i wraped it rond something to get the round right,
then i added loads of ribbon just tieing it on. 

 With the other bit i had a bit of plastic in pic from some ribbon 
i them got some wide ribbon and threaded it through hole
 and used silicon to hold end at back.

 then i added it with a flower and put on top of a pot i did.
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Love and Hugs

Monday, 24 September 2012

Scrap page for my own book

 I would like to enter this in to the cards galore scrapbook Challenge
This month it is patchwork 
I used a page from my stash of 8x8s added some lace and ribbon
on the side using a tapestry frame i added a pic of my Great nan and me.
i cut 2 bits of another sheet to raise one and one with hart holes 
added 2 flowers and a few Perls and a feather.

This is a close up of the pic i was about 5 when she left us 
and she was always are big nan lol because she was a big lady and about 5.8 in height
she was an amazing lady.

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Love and hugs 



Desk tidy made from recycling bits

Hi all hope your all good, as i have not been able to use my hands to much,
I thought i would try a tidy hope you like.
 recycling bits from around the craft room 
I lade them out then played with ideas i set for the tidy.

 I painted the 2 trays then picked some papers to use and ribbons.
 I cut a few bits of plain paper all from 12x12
then used it on the sides and around the loo rolls,

Then i added some dark ribbon around the top and bottom of rolls
and a light col for the base.

I then used a bit of pattern paper for the small box,
then used some small flowers and hearts. to decorate.
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Love and hugs