Saturday, 28 December 2013

Last few bits of 2013

 Good afternoon everyone hope you have all had a fabulous christmas
and got some fab crafty goodies.
I have and shull add pics later.
 This is a small canvas i used a brick stencil and some ready made plaster.
I added mica powder from imagination crafts on the bricks to give a shimmer.

 Here I used a large wooden tag and used the 12x12
12 days of Christmas by Graphic 45.
 Some bits from my stash and some bits from gifts i was sent.

 Here I used another tag I and base I shall be doing 
this as a live show in the new year.

 I used bits from my stash loved this one.
So thats it for this year, I have some wonderful news and ideas
for the new year and loads more tutorial.
If there is anything you would love to see let me know.

Thanks for stopping by and have a n amazing new year
see you all in 2014.
Love & Hugs 

Friday, 13 December 2013

A lace book

 Good evening my lovelies hope everyone is doing ok,
I am still under the weather not much voice but some lol 
I was getting so board I had to do something,
I have these books I got at the NEC this is the smaller one.

I painted the whole thing cream inside as well then I covered 
It in fabric then the lace's added 2 stick pins and 1 of Angela Holt's
Kits. This lovely lace flower is from the shabby chic kit.
I love the way this has come out.
hope you all like it. 
I am hoping to do the inside at some point.
so look out for that. 
Thank you all for your wonderful words
they are what keeps me going 
Love & Hugs

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Itza's Challenge "through the window"

 Morning Guys hope everyone is OK 
A bit off all sorts here my granddaughter has been ill and gave her cold 
to me and a bad cough on top now losing me voice LOL
so i am a bit of a mess so this is a quick post from me today.
Itza my DT sister held a challenge over in the group
the bling chronicles   On Facebook 
Called "what's in your window" I enjoyed this challenge 
being different and all, we also had to make 3 thing to go in the back 
There is a template for this in the group.

So I picked a cottage garden and made a small note book and a small
canvas and added a card i already had.

Hope you like my little garden and treats 
Thank you for popping by
And Love your comments 
Love & Hugs

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas candle vase with Etcall

 Hi guys hope everyone is doing ok,
Things have been a bit nuts here, trying to sort the house 
so we can do the tree and stuff now final got the shopping done.
Just need to wrap

 Today's tutorial is a candle holder using  Etchall 

I found this fab vase in a local charity shop for £1.50
I decided that i wanted only the bottom doing,

I took the glass and washed it to make sure there is no smudges or dirt
then added some masking tape so I knew how much dip I  needed,
I then added the water to the level of the tap,
I then used a marker to mark the water leave.

 After that I the got rid of the water then I dried  the vase and the bowl 
do make sure there well and truly dry,

 Then I put the vase back in the bowl and added the Etch "n" dip
To the marker line. I used a heavy jar to hold the vase in place,

Left it for 15min, Then i took the vase out and then put it in 
a bowl of soapy water to rinse the vase off.
Then I put the solution back in its jar. Which is one thing I love about Etchall
Is you can use it over and over again.

This is the vase after washing and drying, 
I then used stuff from my stash to jazz up the stand.
Hope you like it.
Thank you so much for stopping by 
your comments are greatly received 
Thank you for stopping by 
Love n Hugs 

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Etched mirror

 Good evening all hope everyones having a great day
And a big Happy Thanks giving to all my American friends.

I have made a beautiful mirror for my little sister she wants a 
girly bedroom so I thought I would put her name on it.

Using Etchall 

I used some large letters and put them down the side,

I then marked the wood to were I wanted the tape to be
giving me a nice block.

 I then added some masking tape i would recommend you tape all that you don't
want etched.
I then added the creme to the tape and pulled it over the glass and covered
all of the glass to be etched.

Then after the 15 min wait scrap all the creme off and add back to 
the bottle. Which gets darker the more you use.

 Then I used a tissue to wipe the rest of and a glass cleaner
then took of the tape.

This is how it looks after cleaning.

I then painted the frame and stand 2 shades of 
pink once dry added some lace, flowers, and bling
all from my stash.

Now as its coming to the end of the month Are doing a great offer 
FREE postage on orders over  $100
(USA only)

 Thank you for all the wonderful comments
and any new followers.
Love to you all