Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Little bag tutorial

How to make this little bag.

Take an A4 piece of patterned card or heavy paper 
1.5cm from both sides and score top to bottom
9.5cm from bottom cut a small tap witch is 1.5cm wide only to the 
score line. 
then 9cm from the little cut cut this on both sides.
Where the little tab is score from left to right across paper,
At the end you have cut the e longer strips of use a punch to do decoration 

Using other paper make a handle 17.5 cm long 1.5cm wide and score a bit on end of both 
sides for gluing down 
For tabs down front you need 2 x 15cm do a rounded edge and add 3 hole then stick on back work out 
how far you want them down the front. then score add a strip from one side to other for tabs to go in 
about 1.5cm wide. 

 Hope this is ok if not ill do a video.
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Love & Hugs 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


 Hi everyone thank you for you comments, they mean a lot.
Right on with this box,
At Christmas someone said he would love a box for all 
the bits from his son's childhood so i made this as its for a guy about his son 
i had to make it bloky lol 
i used a wonderful 12x12 paper not sure were from,
added some pale blue ribbon and a few bits from my stash,
then i painted the box with acrylic paint added some crackle paint
then painted again to get this lovey finish.
Hope you all like it.
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Love & Hugs

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A small music box

Hi all I have not been to well so not had chance to update my blog,
Hope everyone's OK 

Right this little box took me some time to do as was not sure what i wanted,
i made the mistake of gluing box together then papering it,
 ow nearly forgot once paper was in i covered it in pva glue so   
it looked glossy then i decoupage the piano witch i like the look of 

 I used wooden notes ro hang from the top hot glued them in place,
Then i used a large brad for a stool,
 Then added some notes etc on the outside used some beads and 
spacers for the feet.
Hope the young man this is for will like it.
thanks for stopping buy,
Love & Hugs