Friday, 20 September 2013

A framed mirror with Etchall

Hi guys sorry did not get this up yesterday as I was in bed with 
a Headache  all day.
But here is the second tutorial of  Etchall
I have used peel offs for this one they are great for this.

 I added the corner peel off's then took the frame off 
I painted that a cream then used 
Used masking tape to tape off the parts of the mirror
we did not want to etch.

Then added the Crème as before on the tape and dragged
over the peel off,  

Then left it for the 15 min once the time was up I scraped
the rest of the creme and added it back to the pot.

 Once i rinsed the crème off I used kitchen towel
to dry the glass and took of the peel off's.

 Then dried the glass.
This is what is left a beautiful etched mirror.
I then used feathers flowers and some of Bling
By the wonderful Angel Holt Design

The centre piece at the top and the fabulous flower 
at the bottom are 2 piece's from Angela Holt Design
She has a few Shabby chic Kits left they are a must 
have if you love lace and bling.

Also come join the fun at the 

Next week we are doing Breast cancer Awareness

Next week and there will be some fab things going on.

A big thank you for all  the great comments
They mean a lot.
Love & Hugs 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Etchall tutorial

 Evening My lovely followers and welcome to any new ones,
I have had to go back into the summer house as i can not craft 
any were and its getting to me not being able to craft lol
As you know I am a DT member Angela Holt Design
She has got us a fantastic new product, 
So thanks to Angela I am bringing you an amazing new product called
this is there web site.I am hoping to be able to bring this product
to the UK market soon.
 We got sent this lovely little kit and inside was also a glass tile 
and a stencil of a bird,
I cleaned the glass so there was no grease or finger marks
then took the back of the vinyl leaving the sticky side 
which you then apply to the glass. 
 As you can see there is a outline of the bird which is cut out
then you take of the backing to reveal the stencil bits
you then use the pick to take out the cut pieces

 As you can see you now only have a piece of glass showing
then on the side you add a big blob of the Etchall creme
On to the side and using the little scraper 
   Scrap the creme over the area that is exposed  it dose not
matter if its thick as it is re usable,
Once this is done leave for 15 min.

Once the 15 min is up scrap off the excise of the creme
and add back to its jar do not put in any other container 
It needs to be kept in the pot its in.
Then take the glass to the sink and wash off with plain water
any excise, then dry with kitchen roll and peel off the vinyl.

And there you go a wonderful Etched Glass or mirror.
I have a bigger tutorial  tomorrow with this great product
so pop over to there facebook page  Etchall 
A big thank you to 
Angela for giving us an amazing new product.

A Holt Designs Facebook

Thank you all for your wonderful comment 

Love & Hugs

Monday, 16 September 2013

Wreaths for all occasions

Hi guys a quick post from me today Still don't have a craft room
So I was looking on you tube for some flowers and doilies all done 
 by crocheting and found the first wreath with the flowers,
and I only used small paper plates as that was all I could get my hands
So after it taking ages to use the wool I thought I would 
try other bits I had I have used flowers for one and thought it 
would make a great table centre piece,
Next week I will add the tutorial on how I made 
them as the last one I made is a very special one.  
So Thank you all for your wonderful comments as they mean 
so much and inspirer me to keep playing outside the box.
Love & Hugs