Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas candle vase with Etcall

 Hi guys hope everyone is doing ok,
Things have been a bit nuts here, trying to sort the house 
so we can do the tree and stuff now final got the shopping done.
Just need to wrap

 Today's tutorial is a candle holder using  Etchall 

I found this fab vase in a local charity shop for £1.50
I decided that i wanted only the bottom doing,

I took the glass and washed it to make sure there is no smudges or dirt
then added some masking tape so I knew how much dip I  needed,
I then added the water to the level of the tap,
I then used a marker to mark the water leave.

 After that I the got rid of the water then I dried  the vase and the bowl 
do make sure there well and truly dry,

 Then I put the vase back in the bowl and added the Etch "n" dip
To the marker line. I used a heavy jar to hold the vase in place,

Left it for 15min, Then i took the vase out and then put it in 
a bowl of soapy water to rinse the vase off.
Then I put the solution back in its jar. Which is one thing I love about Etchall
Is you can use it over and over again.

This is the vase after washing and drying, 
I then used stuff from my stash to jazz up the stand.
Hope you like it.
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Thank you for stopping by 
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