Friday, 13 December 2013

A lace book

 Good evening my lovelies hope everyone is doing ok,
I am still under the weather not much voice but some lol 
I was getting so board I had to do something,
I have these books I got at the NEC this is the smaller one.

I painted the whole thing cream inside as well then I covered 
It in fabric then the lace's added 2 stick pins and 1 of Angela Holt's
Kits. This lovely lace flower is from the shabby chic kit.
I love the way this has come out.
hope you all like it. 
I am hoping to do the inside at some point.
so look out for that. 
Thank you all for your wonderful words
they are what keeps me going 
Love & Hugs

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Itza's Challenge "through the window"

 Morning Guys hope everyone is OK 
A bit off all sorts here my granddaughter has been ill and gave her cold 
to me and a bad cough on top now losing me voice LOL
so i am a bit of a mess so this is a quick post from me today.
Itza my DT sister held a challenge over in the group
the bling chronicles   On Facebook 
Called "what's in your window" I enjoyed this challenge 
being different and all, we also had to make 3 thing to go in the back 
There is a template for this in the group.

So I picked a cottage garden and made a small note book and a small
canvas and added a card i already had.

Hope you like my little garden and treats 
Thank you for popping by
And Love your comments 
Love & Hugs