Saturday, 25 January 2014

A baby boom

Morning everyone thank you for all your fab comments
I have had a bit of a block crafting me mojo ran off
So I thought I would try some more crocheting 
I found some of these little blankets and fell in love 
I also found some beanies for baby's there so cute
even if I say so myself.
I made a kitty and bunny blankets 
they're so easy once you know what to do,

Both of these are for a mummy to be that we know 
But I will make these to order if anyone would like one.

So thats all from me for now heres hopping me mojo 
comes back.
Thank you for stopping by 
see ya soon.
Love & Hugs 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Etchall special

Afternoon everyone hope youre well,
Just before christmas I wanted to do something special 
with these champagne glass as it was are 30th anniversary on christmas eve
So I decided to etch the glass then using gilding flakes for the steam.

For all your Etchall products pop over to the web
And there's some fab ideas as well.

So the first thing I did was tape the steam up

Then took a large plastic pot and put the glass in then the water 
till it covered the body of the glass and marked the level on the pot, 

Then taking the glass out and tipping the water away 
then dry both the glass and pot.

Put the glass back in the pot and fill to the mark of dip n etch
use a heave object to hold the glass in place.

Leave for 15 min then take it out of the pot and rinse with warm water
And dry with a lint free cloth.

Once you have done with the dip pour it back into the bottle
thats whats great with Etchall is you can re use over and over.

Once dry take the tape of the steam I used low tack tape so 
there is no stickiness on the glass. 

Take the glue for the gilding flacks I got mine from Imagination Crafts
Add the glue to the steam bit by bit then using a brush add the flacks 
do this till the steam is covered.

This is the finished glass now there was 2 but i smashed one while 
washing it LOL so I never got to use them as planed
this idea would look fabulous in one col flakes ie: gold silver,

So I hope you like this idea and give it a go.
Thank you for stopping by 
Love & Hugs