Friday, 2 November 2012

A smash book

I was given this Smash book
By the fab owner of Crafty-Emblies
Miss Judie
i did not know what to do with it and for weeks i saw it looking at me,
lol and i went through some of the scarfs and lace wraps i have,
and this gold one slaped me and i saw it all come together.
i had these lovely images so i distressed them to look old i made a stick pin
with lace i got from the haul i got from miss Fiona,
i also used roses and pearl's i also used a flourish from crafty-emblies    
And a lovely key i used the tassels  to go down the side,
added more fibers down the side.

Thank you all for stopping by
and all your lovely comments.
O befor i forget i will be doing my first step by step 
you tube video over the weekend so it might 
be better for those following my step by step.

BIG Love and hugs
There is a link to the book at the top if anyone wants one. 

Monday, 29 October 2012

Bizzie weekend


Hope you all had a great weekend.
As you can see i have been making tooth fairy hearts 
and plain ones.
these are for a table top sale.
and as my eldest daughter is 28 on the 13th
i made this stick pin not sure what to do with it yet lol
so thank you all for comments there great
 Thanks for stopping by
Love and hugs 


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Something New

 Yet again i have been playing I saw Fiona

 Make some of these last night and i fell in love with them
there so sweet i have added a link to her you tube videos 
she dose some amazing stuff.
And she uses crafty-emblies
And makes some amazing stuff.
Thanks for stopping by 
Love and hugs

Monday, 22 October 2012

More little calenders

 Here are some more of the calender i made.


 This peach one i would like to enter into the Clean & Simple
Comp over at Charisma Cardz Challenge.
thanks for all the lovely comments 
It feels great to be back to full crafty me.
Love and hugs 


A gift for mums and nans

I saw a blog earlier today were the lady did a little calender
i pinched the idea as i was  stuck with what to do with my
little calender.
So thank you doreen

I have made 2 of these from an A4 bit of card
cut 2 bits 10cm across and length of A4
then score at
10cm, 21cm, 23cm, 25cm. 
This then gives you your base.
add tape to the small bit of card and stick to the long bit,
I then stuck some paper so it overlaped to back,
i added some paper to the calender bit and folded it and stuck to back.


 This is a side view so you can see how it comes together.
and decorate as you wish.
thanks for all your wonderful comments.
Love and hugs