Monday, 18 February 2013

Mixed meda canvas

 Hi everyone thank you for all the lovely comments they are fab.I had some great news
I won 2nd place in the Weekly challenge over at  tsunamirose blog 

I have done a you tube video on the top canvas, As this is for my husband
and they are bits I have kept over the years of places we have been 
so they all have some meaning.
The pink one i did first and wanted to try something different with Lady's Diary
There is a metal heart at the top it was covered in pearls and crystals i used some 
of the small paper flowers and some fluffy stuff i had in my stash lol
and a piece of ribbon. 
Hope you all like thank you for stopping buy
Love & Hugs 

Monday, 11 February 2013

A jewellery Box

 Hi guys  A big thank you for all your great comments they mean so much.
As some of you may know i have my daughter and granddaughter
Moving in to what was my craft room. I am crying inside lol
I now have a bit of the summer house.well my daughter was going through 
Becka's toy jewellery and found some real ones.
So i made this box from scratch it was fun as never made a box before
I will rec next time i do one.
And its all blue as its her favourite col.
Hope you all like 
Thanks for stopping by
Love & Hugs 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Tsunami Rose Challenge

 This is my first try of a Acordion book
I used all the papers from A life a bloom 
The link to the shop tsunamirose
 The blog tsunami rose

I cut 2 pieces of A4 card to fit the paper's
Then i distressed the white so it blended better.
Then i decorated the front with some lace and feather and flowers.
I added some pockets in side also used Velcro for closing.

 Hope you all try thanks for stopping by
Love & Hugs

A Mini Scrapbook swap

 Hi everyone sorry not been about but with moving my craft room 
to a bit of the summer house has been fun (not) lol
I joined a new group on Facebook called UK & Ireland swaps
its been fun and made me think difrently,
i joined a mini swap i was paired with Deb and i made this sweet mini
And the one at the bottom is the one she made me.

 I used the Rondella collection from Prima
and made the cover with some chipboard
& covered it all. i made the pages myself and all the tags ect to go in

 I used black lace on the front we were told to use some black and red i added
a stick pin and flowers for the red, i used some of the big rose on lace.

 Thank you for stopping by
Love & hugs 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Little bag tutorial

How to make this little bag.

Take an A4 piece of patterned card or heavy paper 
1.5cm from both sides and score top to bottom
9.5cm from bottom cut a small tap witch is 1.5cm wide only to the 
score line. 
then 9cm from the little cut cut this on both sides.
Where the little tab is score from left to right across paper,
At the end you have cut the e longer strips of use a punch to do decoration 

Using other paper make a handle 17.5 cm long 1.5cm wide and score a bit on end of both 
sides for gluing down 
For tabs down front you need 2 x 15cm do a rounded edge and add 3 hole then stick on back work out 
how far you want them down the front. then score add a strip from one side to other for tabs to go in 
about 1.5cm wide. 

 Hope this is ok if not ill do a video.
Thanks for stopping by 
Love & Hugs