Wednesday, 12 June 2013

12x12 mini scrapbook

 Hi guys I have made a sweet 12x12 album.
 I used 1 12x12 cordernations card in pink
I scored at 2.5 inches  and score at 9 1/4inches 
Then turn left and score at 3.3/4 and  then at 4.inches
then 8inches and 8.1/4
now cut all four corners out to secound score mark,
 I used A4 Fairy paper by Prima
I cut 2 extra pages for bottom they are white
size is 3.3/4inches by 6.5inches x2
Score at 3.5cm on both as this is how the stick to bottom
cut papers to how you want the to the edge oe leave a border.
 I used the corners as tags. the pockets are same width as page and 1.5inches
i the used a corner punch and ink pad to soften edges
for the front and back i added ribbon and 3 bits paper.

I hope this is ok it was quick and easy to do
so please give it try.
Thanks for stopping by
Love n Hugs

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Paper bag mini tutoral

Hi guys thanks for stopping by and leaving fab comments.
I made a mini album from 4 white paper bag.
here is how I did it.
I used the Fairy Rhymes A4 papers from Prima,
You need 4 bags these are from The hobby house
they are 16.5cm long 9cm wide,

These 2 are 21cm long for the joining of the bags
The 4 below are 11.5cm

 I then cut papers to the size of the bag for front and back,

Here I cut 2 bits 12.5cm and 1 at 4 inches

Now putting it together take 2 bags one with flap up and other one down,
then  take one 21cm paper and stick down so it joins them together,
Do the same with the other 2,

Then take both bits you just covered put together so white bits showing
put the 4 inch piece on the 2 flaps, Then add the 12.5 cm pieces under the flaps,
And do the same with the other bits add them to the bag,
Now take the flaps to make pockets use a bit of wet glue on sides only and theres your pockets.
add papers to back and front then do as you wish to front add some tags, in paper opening at tops,

 I used lace for the cover on the spine you can use paper if you wish.
I also used a punch that cuts half circle,

 I used pices from my stash.

Hope you like it and please give it a try.
Love & Hugs

Monday, 10 June 2013

Hard back notebooks

 Afternoon all As I said yesterday I have been doing bits,
Here is a few hard backed notebooks i have done there so easy once you know
what to do, here is a link to craftyloops
she has done a tutorial.
 This is the inside i added a pocket with some tags.
i also put lace on the front with the paper witch is from prima.
Here is a few more i made as gifts.
hope you like them
Thanks for stopping by
Love & Hugs

Sunday, 9 June 2013

First Junk journal

 Hi everyone sorry not been about but its time to get myself sorted.
I have got a lot made in the past few weeks, I saw Marianne Kensington
on you tube she made it from an old book by taking all the pages out and adding
pages from 12x12 i spent some of sat adding some of the bits i have
in a bottom draw i also relised i need one for bits just from mt hubby and one for kids and one for family so i will be bizzie sorting that at some pont.
 On this page i added bits from my first Annevesary card,
This is how its looking with some pages done,
I loved doing this.
I have also done some hard back notebooks Ill add later.

thank you for stopping by
Love & Hugs
This were i got the insperation for my book.Please pop over and have a look.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Race for Life 2013

Race for life 

Hi everyone sorry I have not been about with not being well 
and other problems, 
I also had a new computer so had to find out how to watermark pics,
that was not easy lol.
As a lot of you know I lost my best friend last year 
she beat 2 lots of cancer before we lost her,
We always said we would do this run for her sister how was lost to cancer,
So My daughters and I will be taking part on the 16th June
The Race for Life.
So I would love any help I can get on raising money for them
There is a link here for anyone that would like to sponsor me 
I will be walking round and hubbie will be taking pics for me to add on here after
I am done 
To everyone for popping by

race for life sponsor me

Thanks for popping by 
Love and Hugs