Saturday, 15 March 2014

Mid month Inspiration from Imagination crafts

Morning everyone I finally have my weekends back lol
Hope you're having fab weekend.
This time I bring you a sparkle medium on a small paper bag.
I used:
Fuchsia Stamp set
Pastel Green Sparkle Medium
flower frame stencil
Starlight mic powder

I took some card and slotted it in the bag,Then I taped the stencil
top and bottom, Then using the sparkle medium covered the whole  

One it was covered I took of the bottom piece of tape 
and checked all of the image was good, then I removed the top tape.

While the bag was drying I took my beautiful stamp and versa mark
and stamped it on the black card from Imagination and using gold ultra detail
embossing powder embossed the image.

After tat was done I used 2 of the mica powders and water 
to make a little past then painted the image with it. 
Once everything was dry I used hot glue to glue the image onto
the bag.

Hope you all like it please do try these amazing products
there so much fun.

Thank you for all your wonderful comments 
they mean so much. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 
Love & Hugs

Monday, 10 March 2014

Hanging Basket with a twist

Morning everyone hope you all have a great week,
I was spring cleaning yesterday the weather was amazing 
so warm and its ment to be that way for a few days.
Today I bring you something a bit diffrent.

I bought this hanging basket and decided to cover it in lace 
now it will go in a bedroom and can be used for anything
I thought it would look good with makeup ect in.
 I also used some bits of bling not to much and added ribbon
bows and resin roses for the back to cover the seam
I gathered the lace that hung over the bottom and used tulle to make
a bow and  added a gem to finish.

Hope you like it and give it a try.
Thank you all for your wonderful comments
they are impotent me.
have a great day
Love & Hugs

Sunday, 9 March 2014

A special Memory

Morning everyone hope you'er all having a great weekend 
we have amazing weather at the moment which is fab as we need to get hubby moved 
into the summer house.
A friend asked me to make something for her dad in memory of her mum
who they lost at the end Jan they read this poem which is beautiful.
I did it on my MCS program I got a lovely pic of daffodils she asked for them 
and added a border on there softened it all round the edging.
and put in to a simple frame.   

She loves it so I am happy,
Thank you all for stopping by
Love & Hugs

Monday, 3 March 2014

4 ways with one stamp

Most of what I used is from Imagination Crafts the flacks 
can be bought there also. I used the extra thick embossing powder.
The ink I used is dawn Biddy I am not fond of these
( I was given them to try) I will be looking for some 
so if anyone has recommendations please let me know.

Morning all I finally got my post to go live when i'm eles were 
This post is a collection of one stamp and 4 different looks.
Hope you like them.

First I  used Fuchsia the stamp on all I took the gilding 
glue and brushed it on to the stamp then stamped on the black gloss card.
then took gilding flakes covered the image and pattered down then brushed of the 
lose flakes and rubbed the rest of to reveal the final pic. 

This one I used white gloss card stamped with versa mark
and added clear embossing powder heated then took some
inks and sponge and rubbed them over to create this look.

This Happy birthday was also done using the flakes 

This one is embossed using versa mark and copper 
embossing powder by Stampendous 

I love the soft look of this one,
Its using versa mark again but this time its the Mica powder
Orange and blue dusted over and brushed off 

Hope you liked this post
Thanks for stopping by 
and love all your comments.

Love & Hugs 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

A couple of special birthday cards

Hi all new followers and old 
I have managed to make 2 cards for my DT 
both cards are  from a free pack I got in Birmingham
from CUP (crafts you print) 
I added a bit of bling and ribbon hope they both liked them.

so thats a quick post for today 
Thanks for all your wonderful comments
Love & Hugs