Saturday, 3 January 2015

Guest DT For Fernil Designs

Good afternoon to my friends and followers hope everyone 
had a great Christmas and new year.
I have had a very hectic year, I have a great year to come  
I will be bringing you some great tutorials on my you tube
and I will be doing live shows on my Ustream 
I am also getting a level 2 customer services Qualification
this is thanks to Acsend they are who I  teach for,
So it seams 2015 is my year.

back to this fabulous tutorial I was asked last year by Lou 
to be a GDT of course I said yes her stuff is AMAZING .

Shopping list 
Stuff from your stash

Facebook group: Fernli designs
                    Shop: fernli designs     


I took this fab dimensional ATC glues it together so simple 
I then covered it in Vintage photo (Tim Holtz)  

Then I took one of the small frames and a piece of  acetate
and cut a small oval to go on the back  and glued it down.

I took some lace and covered the top

This was the trick bit LOL 
I used hot glue and made the frame stand up I also used 
some of the flowers and feathers they also keep it up.
I used string pearls to add an edging 

I placed the roses before I glued them down and was happy with 
were they were. I made a bow and added it to the top of the frame and a key and gems 
and some sparkle stickles to finish.


I hope you have enjoyed my little ATC tutorial
Please pop over to Fernli shop you will find some amazing 
items. and join the FB group if your not in already,
There is a Fernli event every month were you could win 
some fabulous goodies.

Thank you for stopping by and all your wonderful comments.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Etchall tutorial a sweet glass set

Click pic to go to the shop.


Last day of this fab deal just click the pic to the the Link

Morning all my friends and followers 
 hope your all having a fab weekend,

I have not stopped I have 2 craft fairs next weekend 
and need loads of stuff
on to the tutorial

I got a fab 6 piece glass set from the charity shop,
so I thought I would show you can etch a few small pieces 
at once.

I used the dip n etch liquid for this project. 

I put all the saucers in a large plastic bowl 
you do need more dip if your doing this amount at once
Or a smaller bowl.
I lade them all in and added the dip then left for the 15 min's

Once done I took them out and gave the a good rinse out 

Now with the glass cups the bowl was to big so I put them in a smaller 
As you can see there was etching on them and I love how they now look double 
etched I love this look..

Once I had done washing them I then added lace and flowers
to finish.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and Love

Love & Hugs

Friday, 21 November 2014

etchall tutorial

Good afternoon everyone 
hope your all doing well,

I have had some very busy weeks so much to do
its fab to stay busy thought,
I am sorry this is a bit late I have been in pain with my neck and shoulder.

from doing to much lol
now back to the fun for you

As some of you might remember I was part of a small dt for Angela  Holt
and we showed you etchall the glass medium.

I am pleased to say I am now a part of there DT
as an Ambassador.
 So I will be bringing you some fab tutorials 
using all the different medium.
Here I have used both the Crème and the dip. 

This beautiful small cup and saucer started life as a very glossy 
and plain set. 

First thing make sure there is nothing on it grease ect,

I took the saucer and covered it in the crème 
and left it for 15 min I used a brush to cover the saucer

I took a large plastic container and put the cup in and 
then added water slowly till the cup was covered this step depends 
on how far up you want the etch I wanted the whole cup done.

once the water is to were you want it make a mark on the container,
as below.

once you have done tip the water out and dry both the cup and the container,
once dry add the dip'n'etch to the container then add the cup. 

Also leave for 15 mins

Once your 15 min is up using a pallet knife I used a plastic one
scrap the Crème back into the bottle.
then wash it off NOT IN A PORCELAIN SINK 
as this will take the gloss of.
a stainless steel sink is best or a plastic bowl.

Hope fully you can see it has left the saucer a matt and covered the gloss
this is best if you want to paint the surface. 

Now take the dip and pour it back into the bottle,
then rinse the cup as you did the saucer.

Once there both dry you now have a great surface
to do as wish. 

I took some purple acrylic paint and dabbed it all over the 
cup and saucer.
this is a great Technic that dry's very quickly. 

Then I took some purple lace ribbon and flowers and covered 
the saucer I used E6000 glue to keep the cup in place.
you can use loads of small flowers here as its a sweet size.
And this has a great home now as it was a gift for 2 amazing ladies
that have done a lot to help me of late so it i now on a dresser in the 
Heavenly hookers cafe. lol ye this is the name it is a crochet group. 

Thank you for stopping by I hope you have enjoyed 
this tutorial.

Thank you for all your amazing support 
and love.
Love & Hugs

Sneak peek

Morning all my friends and followers 
this is my last post for Imagination crafts
I will miss them all but I also have other things planed.

so here is the sneak peek 
So pop over to 

and see what I was up to.

Thank you all for your support over the past 10 months
and hope to see you all here for more craft goods.

Love & Hugs

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mid month inspiration

Morning guys Its time again for Imagination crafts challenge.
This year has flown by.

As always its anything goes 
and don't forget its £40 for the winner that uses Imagination crafts products.
you will get top 3 for all other entry's.

Mid month Inspiration 

On to my post.

Shopping list
stuff from my stash

I mad the panel into a tag added the sparkle, using the stencil
added a sweet image and lace, ribbon,
a few flowers. 
a very simple tag.

This is my last mid month post for Imagination crafts
as a DT 
I have loved being part of such a wonderful group of talented
ladies and a fabulous company it has been a pleasure working for 
Sue and Harvey 

I have 1 more post this month.

the sneak peek 

thank you to all my followers and friends and new friends.

for all your support.
I will be back with loads of new stuff coming up  
Thank you Linda Simpson for being an amazing team leader.
you are a star.

Love and Hugs 
to you all.