Sunday 7 December 2014

Etchall tutorial a sweet glass set

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Last day of this fab deal just click the pic to the the Link

Morning all my friends and followers 
 hope your all having a fab weekend,

I have not stopped I have 2 craft fairs next weekend 
and need loads of stuff
on to the tutorial

I got a fab 6 piece glass set from the charity shop,
so I thought I would show you can etch a few small pieces 
at once.

I used the dip n etch liquid for this project. 

I put all the saucers in a large plastic bowl 
you do need more dip if your doing this amount at once
Or a smaller bowl.
I lade them all in and added the dip then left for the 15 min's

Once done I took them out and gave the a good rinse out 

Now with the glass cups the bowl was to big so I put them in a smaller 
As you can see there was etching on them and I love how they now look double 
etched I love this look..

Once I had done washing them I then added lace and flowers
to finish.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments and Love

Love & Hugs


Linda Simpson said...

WOW this looks fabulous and loving the finished decorated cup and saucer.
Linda xxx

Andree said...

A brilliant tutorial Nicky and a very elegant finished project x

Anonymous said...

Hello Nicky, wow this looks amazing and such beautiful results.