Thursday, 6 September 2012

Boxed in

 Hello all
 As you can see i have been doing more box's
i hope to sell some this weekend at a table top sale.

 This very fluff one is for a great friend i meet through Facebook
and she has become very dear to me. 
I have also made some for other lady's  that have also become great friends 

Thanks for popping by 
Hope you all have a great weekend
Love and Hugs 


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Class cards

 These are all bits i have show the lady's in my class.

 They have all done the milk carton box,
and all have done an exploding box.

we did the shoe. and the napkin fold card.

Thanks for popping by
Love and Hugs

Monday, 3 September 2012

Cigar box now trinket box

 Hi all i have a table top sale on sat and wanted to do something other than cards

so i got all the box's and containers in the house,

and this is one of them. 

I took all the paper off and sanded it down then covered it in cream paint,
then got 2 12x12 from the capsule collection 
and useing the side marked what needed to be cut for all 4 sides and the top.

Then i added peel off corners and some black lace, and flowers.
And a bit of bling.
Thanks all for stopping by
Love and Hugs

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Finally Got it

 Finally I have been trying to find the template for this card box,
And now i have it thanks to this web page ( crafts on the net )
i done this one in front of my class this morning, 
They loved it and are asking when am i teaching this lol 

This lovely black and white one is for a few comps
I used the black and white capsule collection from do craft
the image is from a friend i added a small brad to the draw and used a bit of aqua 
col paper. i was going to do this step by step but as there is the template on the web above 
I would like to enter this in to the following comps 

Thanks for stopping by

Love and Hugs

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Book mark & holder

 Hi all my lovely friends i have done a little book mark holder for you today,

Using  a 12x12  cut 2 bits 11cm wider the length of the 12x12,
Then stick the white sides together.
Now make 2 pockets 9.5cm by 5cm,
 Then put 2 lots of double sided pads on each other as in pic,
Now make 4 book markers 6.5cm by 9cm
Add a hole at top add ribbon, you can use decorative edges if you wish,
ribbon is 15cm long,
 decorate as you wish, 
Now score the first bit at 10 and 20.5cm
now add pockets to the 2 sides leaving middle blank,
 Now you can decorate middle as you wish do front when all done,

Now have ribbon 50cm long ad tape to frount and back but leave other pocket
folded so ribbon meets to tie,
decorate as you wish.
This can be made bigger if you want.
Thanks for popping over hope you have fun.
Love and Hugs